Early Childhood (PreK3-K)

The St. Francis of Assisi community starts with a strong focus on the youngest members of our family within the PK3, PK4, and Kinder classrooms. We use our own Archdiocese standards in addition to a multitude of other resources to teach children during these critical and formative years. St. Francis of Assisi has also partnered with Neuhaus Eduacation, a city leader in literacy, to measure that students have learned the principles of reading before they enter our elementary grades. In addition to the academic growth we measure, teachers in these classrooms focus on social and emotional development, which often involve visits from our school counselor. In addition to the core curriculum, every student within these grades will also attend a computer, physical education, music, library and Spanish class every week. Please contact the front office, contact us through our website or stop by our campus if you have any questions about our early childhood program!

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