Supporting St. Francis

There are many opportunities to support the St. Francis of Assisi Community and, as a community, we are asked to do so to continue our mission of educating students to be Learners today, Leaders tomorrow.

Gift of financial support

As the comprehensive cost of educating a student is not covered by tuition alone, it is necessary for us to supplement support of our school through fundraising activities and our Annual Fund.  Your contributions and donations from friends of St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School make it possible for us to ensure that our students receive an excellent education that will prepare them for high school, technological advances are made in our classrooms, and that our tuition remains competitive.  We thank you for your support of our school and for the prayerful contributions that become such blessings for our students.

Gift of prayer

Prayer is a powerful resource and is part of the daily life of our school.  We are most appreciative of your prayers for our students, our school families, the many boards and ministries that support St. Francis, the parish staff and our Pastor.  Through the intercession of our Patron saint, we hope that we will prayerfully become instruments of peace for the good of our students and community.

Gift of time

Families and community volunteers add a new dimension to the life of our school.  When you volunteer at St. Francis it is a chance to lead by example and it communicates to our students that not only do you believe in the education they are receiving, but you are actively assisting them in their educational journey.  Families are asked to make a committed gift of time to the school each academic year and we are grateful for this service.  To learn more about the volunteer opportunities we have available, please visit our volunteer information page or speak to our knowledgeable office staff to find out how you can become a part of our volunteer community.

Ways to Give

The St. Francis of Assisi Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is one way that we invite you to become a part of our mission providing an excellent education to our students. This fundraising vehicle is supported by our annual appeal and provides for the support of immediate priorities in our campus life, which may be directed to one of the following areas of support: Tuition Assistance; Academic/Technology enhancement; or Operational support.  Your gift to the Annual Fund assists us in reaching our goal of 100% participation from families, board members, and staff, which in turn benefits our efforts in seeking support from philanthropic and corporate foundations.

St. Francis of Assisi Crawfish Festival 

Our Crawfish Festival is one of the highlights of our school and parish community! Traditionally held after Easter each year, the Crawfish Festival is a tradition that brings everyone together and provides financial support to our school.  Through participation and support of the festival, our families are able to enjoy a St. Francis tradition and also assist in raising funds for our school.

Steps for Students 5K Run

The Steps for Students 5K is an annual archdiocesan-wide event held on the 3rd Saturday of February that brings the 61 Catholic school communities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston together in support of Catholic education.  Each school has a team and the event goal is 100% participation from all Catholic schools.  We ask that students and families register to run, walk, or cheer and encourage participants to set up electronic fundraising pages that support our school team.  The funds that are raised by our school team are designated to us and are used to support our school.

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